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Just how much real estate tax should I pay in Cyprus?

What are the immovable real estate tax rates in Cyprus?

Immovable Real Estate Tax in Cyprus has actually been abolished in 2017. No property tax is made it possible for at the momment.

For academic objectives, Please read listed below the plan as it was; prior to its abolishment.

Immovable Property Tax is imposed on the market value as at 1 January 1980 as well as puts on immovable property situated in Cyprus had by the taxpayer on 1 January of annually. Physical and also legal owners are both reliant Immovable Property Tax.

Based upon the current act that gone by the Cypriot House of Representatives on 14th of July 2016 proprietors must pay just the 25% of the tax examined from the table below. Hence a 75% price cut is used.

Immovable property tax is payable on 31st of October 2016.

The existing bands as well as rates for Immovable Real estate tax for buildings located in Cyprus are per the table listed below, which apply per owner, not per property.

Individual proprietors are exempt from this tax if the 1980 value of their property is less than EUR12,500. The value of each property – when it comes to the duration of 1980 – is presented on the tittle act.

Property Value

(Assessed at 1 January 1980)

Rate %

Accumulated Tax





























Over € 3,000,000


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Deportee Staying In Cyprus: Things To Do as well as Where to Live

The island of Cyprus lies at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa, and also the Middle East. Bordered by the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has actually been on vital profession routes since old times.

As the last empire to rule Cyprus was British, most of the locals speak English. The island of Cyprus is in result two regions, the northern 3rd is Turkish as well as the southerly two-thirds, the Republic of Cyprus, is Greek.

The clear seas, sunny coastlines, society, natural charm, friendly citizens, excellent food, low criminal offense rate, and expense of living have actually been drawing in vacationers and expats for years. As Cyprus is a participant of the E.U., participant residents have couple of limitations on staying in the country.

15 Points Expats Love to Do in Cyprus

  1. Enjoy the slower pace of life by taking a walk along the harbor front as well as appreciating a meal or drink viewing the sun set into the Mediterranean Sea
  2. Go to among the many coastlines and also swim in the sea or enjoy a BBQ with good friends around the pool.
  3. Sign up with among the many social clubs to fulfill brand-new pals and attempt out old and also brand-new activities. There are clubs for strolling, cruising, card games, crafts, wine making, dancing, touring therefore many more
  4. While away the afternoon with buddies on the patio of a village taverna appreciating a Cypriot mese meal (a choice of tiny recipes worked as appetisers) and also local white wine.
  5. Stroll or trek along the many backroads as well as routes via areas, woodlands, towns, as well as mountains. The sights and wildflowers are wonderful.
  6. On-road and also off-road cycling are really popular. One of the globe’s premier hill bike races is held here every year.
  7. Catch up on the gossip at the local coffee bar with pals and also Cypriots. Cypriots may sound like they are saying yet they generally just chat noisally.
  8. Delight in a performance in a 2,000-year-old amphitheater in the darkness of old ruins.
  9. Take a boat trip to a secluded cove to swim, snorkel, or diving dive in crystal waters complied with by roasted Cyprus lamb or pork.
  10. Watch the baby turtles as they appear from their nests as well as rush to the sea.
  11. Examine out the numerous festivals. Attempt whatever from ballet to shoelace production, cherries to red wine, opera to lavender.
  12. Discover some of the many historical sites. Be astonished by 2,000-year-old mosaics Roam around a reconstructed 4,000-year-old town.
  13. Obtain lost checking out the stunning towns. Quit at the local coffeehouse. Take a look at the pretty alleys, old churches, and also craft stores. When made use of by aristocrats to run away the summer season warmth, spend the night in a hundred-year-old mountain resort.
  14. Play a round of golf. Expats and also site visitors can pick from some fantastic first-rate fairway.
  15. On the rare rainy day, delight in discovering appeal and prize in among the many art galleries and galleries. Pick from art, crafts, old abbeys, classic cars, and classical times.

Where do the Expats Reside In Cyprus and also Why?

1. Paphos

Over 50% of expats reside in Paphos, Cyprus’s fourth largest city. The towns in the area around Paphos are preferred for the deportees that intend to live outside a city. Many of the vacation homes and homes are ‘summer season’ residences, utilized by the proprietors only for part of the year.

Right here are a few of the reasons that it’s so popular for deportees:

  • Easy accessibility to coastlines and the sea
  • Family-friendly
  • The extremely reduced criminal activity rate
  • Laidback lifestyle
  • Practical real estate prices
  • Good health treatment with both exclusive and also public health centers
  • Plentiful excellent dining establishments as well as tavernas
  • Many fantastic social events
  • Many archaeological sites.

2. Limassol

Limassol is Cyprus’s 2nd biggest city. There is always something going on to maintain the deportees hectic or captivated.

Some highlights:

  • Miles of promenade and also beaches along the city waterfront
  • The wonderfully brought back old town
  • Hectic nightlife
  • Events and also events
  • Outstanding healthcare and also education and learning
  • Fairly inexpensive of living

3. Larnaca

The third largest city is tailored toward well-off retiree expats. Off the ruined tourist route the city offers a slower way of life than Limassol or Nicosia.

Right here the deportees appreciate:

  • Slower rate of life
  • Excellent health care
  • Excellent food and red wine
  • Wonderful boardwalk and beach
  • Low crime price

4. Nicosia

Nicosia is the resources and largest city in Cyprus. This is the heart of the republic’s federal government so there are numerous task opportunities.

Some reasons that people move here:

  • Excellent medical care and also education
  • Work possibilities
  • Reduced crime rate
  • Affordable price of living
  • Lively
  • Centrally located

5. Famagusta

Famagusta is not particularly preferred by expats for a few reasons. The Eastern Mediterranean University also attracts many pupils and also the ideal health centers on the island are located here.

Reasons to live below:

  • Company opportunities
  • Terrific education facilities
  • Exceptional healthcare
  • Near to beaches and night life
  • Numerous historical sites

These are a few of the factors countless individuals are making Cyprus their residence. Come for a getaway as well as perhaps remain for a lifetime if this sounds fascinating to you.

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How hard is the property purchase process in Cyprus?

A permit to sign up a property is required from the federal government, however can conveniently be obtained with a lawyer. The strategies target to enable unencumbered property purchase by 2011.

Prior to the EU negotiations, no foreigners could lease property. Also today, non-EU property owners can not lease property.

The agreement is then drawn up, as well as on finalizing, the buyer has to pay 20% to 30% of the value of the property, the rest being payable according to the contractual terms concurred. The contract should then be deposited at the land computer system registry, within 2 months of signing.

A non-Cypriot buyer must then make an application to the Council of Ministers to get immovable property – mostly a formality – including financial institution reference, rap sheets, the dimension of the land, and a statement that this is the only home he will keep in Cyprus. The treatment can take up to one year, there is at the same time no limitation on making use of the property, as well as in the not likely event that authorization is not given, the customer can re-apply, and also anyway has 17 years in which to sell the property. Neither does lack of authorization impact inheritance legal rights.

Footnotes to Transaction Expenses Table

The round trip purchase costs include all expenses of purchasing and afterwards re-selling a property – attorneys ´ costs, notaries ´ costs, enrollment costs, tax obligations, agents ´ costs, etc.


Currency exchange rate since 16 Feb 2007: 1 EUR = 0.578449 CY ₤.

Transfer Tax:

The transfer tax obligation is imposed at dynamic rates. The transfer tax is based upon the purchase price or market price of the property, as determined by the Land Pc registry division. If the property remains in joint names, the property worth is cut in half, causing lower transfer charges.

If the transfer of unmovable property is subject to Worth Added Tax (VAT), no transfer charges are payable.


Buyers of new real estate are liable to pay Value Added Tax obligation (BARREL), which is levied on the purchase price or market price of the property. The basic VAT rate is 19%.

A decreased barrel price of 5% might apply on the procurement and/or construction of houses of newbie buyers, with location less than 250 sq. m. The minimized price might also apply on the purchase and/or building of houses for usage as the permanent as well as main house for the next 10 years.

Legal Charge:

Provider of lawyers are not required but extremely suggested. Legal fees are typically flexible, in between EUR850 and also EUR1,730.

Mark Task:

Stamp responsibility is levied on records associated with Czech Republic property. Stamp duty prices are levied at dynamic rates, relying on the purchase rate of the property. Stamp responsibility is capped at an optimum of EUR20,000.

Real Estate Agent ´ s Charge:

Real estate representatives usually bill 5% of the purchase cost as their commission. By legislation, minimum agent ´ s cost is 3%.